CHM - O Level

The Objective of the CHM-O Level course is to train 10+2, Diploma, graduate and other degree Qualifiersto acquire basic knowledge in Computer hardware and peripherals for installation, trouble shooting and maintenance including system software management and its back up and to undertake disaster prevention, diagnosis and rectification of faults besides personality development and communication skills.


H1 Electronics Components and PC Hardware
H2 PC Architectureg
H3 Computer Perifels and Networking
H4 System Software, Diagnostic and Debugging Tools
H5 Personality Development and Communication Skills
H6 PC Debugging Repair and Maintenance
H7 Inventory info, Inventory Items & Goods Stock


10 + 2 pass or ITI (one year after 10 pass), diploma, graduation, post-graduation or doctorate.


  • Service Industry (Hardware and Software)
  • Academia such as Troubleshooters
  • Technicians(PC)
  • Assistant System Administrators
  • Lab Demonstrators

CHM - A Level

The Objective of the CHM-A level is to train the candidates, who have qualified O level, with advancements in Computer hardware, networking and troubleshooting with advancements in Computer hardware, networking and troubleshooting. Being a modular course, only those who have qualified O level will be enrolled for A level.


A1 Advance PC Hardware and Networking Components
A2 Data Communication and Computer Networks
A3 Network Management and Administration/td>
A4 Linux Administration
A5 Entrepreneurship Development
A6 Project
A7 Elective
The Candidate can choose any one elective out of the two offered elective.
A9 IT Security
A10 Introduction to Embeded System